Talent Acquisition Lead

Job description

If the world is your hiring playground, and you relish the idea of skimming the cream from hundreds of different professional disciplines, you are going to love working at Synthesis, where we talk about growth in terms of orders of magnitude, we have exceptional product market fit, and we are building a global network of students learning collaborative, problem-solving skills.

We need someone energized by challenges, because we are looking to hire hundreds (and ultimately thousands) of facilitators and teaching assistants for our cohorts, and we need someone who can get us quantity and unmistakable quality. Simply put, we need someone who has standards at least as high as our own, and will leverage those standards to get us the best, en masse.

Why such high standards? We are being entrusted with some of the most-exceptional kids on the planet. These are kids with the intellect, drive, and potential to tackle the challenges their generation will face, and build the opportunities that will make their generation great. We take that responsibility seriously, and demand the best for them, so will demand the best from you.

Think you could be our person? Let's find out.

Job requirements

  • Do you have at least 4 years of directly applicable experience finding and successfully recruiting talent, preferably around the globe and responsive to intensive demand?
  • Do you thrive in startup culture, and know how to be a rock star and a team player at the same time? Will your former colleagues agree, when we ask them?
  • Do you have trusted networks of contacts that can help you find and recruit the exceptional talent we are looking for across a wide-array of professional disciplines?
  • Do you believe in a ruthless pursuit of course corrections, because we believe in the simple truth that everyone can always do better?
  • Do you want to own filling the top of our hiring funnel, turning our story into a non-stop stream of applications from prestigious professionals passionate about leaving their mark on the next generation?
  • Do you relish the challenge of driving up the percentage of applicants who meet our rigorous hiring standards?
  • Do you look forward to the opportunity to lead a cohort of your own, so you can truly understand what it is we are looking for, and need?

If you recognize yourself in the description, see the fun in the challenge we face, and cannot wait to push apply, we'd love to hear from you. We guarantee you'll love the team, and you simply can't find a better mission. Help us accelerate human progress through education. Help us build Team Synthesis.