Head of Team Growth

Job description

If you like an environment where growth is discussed in orders of magnitude, let's talk. We have excellent product market fit, and need a rock star capable of helping us find, hire, and onboard legions of world-class facilitators and teaching assistants from all over the world. The successful candidate will have an extensive history filling insatiable demand without sacrificing the quality that drives that demand.

We need someone energized by challenges. Specifically, we need someone who can build us inroads not into one professional niche, or a handful of specializations, but who can source our need for hundreds (and ultimately thousands) of facilitators from across a broad spectrum of fields, skimming the cream from each, and convincing them to listen to that part of themselves that desperately wants to leave a mark on the next generation.

Job requirements

Think you could be our person? Let's find out.

  • Do you have at least 7 years of directly applicable experience building large, international recruitment and hiring pipelines, efficient and effective interview approaches, and wickedly optimized onboarding processes?

  • Do you thrive in startup culture, and know how to be a rock star and a team player at the same time? Will your former colleagues agree, when we ask them?

  • Do you have trusted professionals that you can bring with you to fill out our growth team and get us shifted into high gear sooner rather than later, or trusted networks of contacts that can help you accomplish the same?

  • Do you believe in a ruthless pursuit of course corrections, because you'll be asked to make them and inspire in your team a commitment to the simple truth that we can always do better?

  • Would you love to:

    Fill the top of our hiring funnel. Turn our story into a non-stop stream of applications from prestigious professionals passionate about leaving their mark on the next generation. We're a fully-remote, international company, so your team will be charged with finding us these unicorns, en masse, wherever on Earth they live.

    Optimize our pipeline. We need to keep up with demand, meaning we need to pair effective with efficient. Automate what you can, optimize what you can't, and bring every tool in your toolbox to bear, because the faster you go, the faster we grow!

    Break Onboarding Land Speed Records. Static is not going to work for us. We need someone who is going to be endlessly driven to improve upon our systems, squeezing every bit of optimization out as possible, so that we're never, ever, in the position of slowing down the express train that is our student admissions process.

    Facilitate Cohorts. All members of the implementation team must facilitate at least one cohort per week in order to stay grounded in our philosophy, community, and mission.

If you recognize yourself in the description, see the fun in the challenge we face, and cannot wait to push apply, we'd love to hear from you. We guarantee you'll love the team, and you simply can't find a better mission. Help us accelerate human progress through education. Help us build Team Synthesis.